What do you get to learn in 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh?

Do you want to create your first website, business card or blog, but you are green in the subject of creating websites? Or maybe you already run a WordPress website, but you can’t handle it, or would you like to know all the possibilities that lie behind it? Regardless of whether you belong to the basic, intermediate or advanced group, 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh will help you achieve your goal. The trainers will provide substantive and practical knowledge to everyone, and the whole will constitute a complete compendium of knowledge about WP – both for completely green people and people who have already taken their first steps in this popular CMS.

As part of the training / courses, training materials, computers for training and exams in the field of computer-based vocational qualifications, the first approach to the certification examination carried out by external independent entities, refreshments in the case of classes lasting 6 months. In the case of other choices of participants / check of the project, the Project promoter will flexibly react to changes in needs.

If you want to become a professional web designer yourself, you need special skills. Of course, you also need business and communication skills, but this is a slightly different story. So, to become a web designer for yourself you need to know the following.


The program planned for the one-week course was really extensive. Here are the most important points that we have touched upon.

  • principles of designing and creating websites (analysis of the website structure, page layout, technology used)
  • website construction standards (a brief overview of what HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JS libraries are)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver interface and site creation (learning how to use the tool)
  • overview of website layouts (960 Grid system, one-, two-, and multi-column layouts)
  • rules for using CSS styles (full discussion of the most important properties)
  • creating a website (discussing the most important HTML tags)
  • entering the content of the page and its formatting
  • website optimization for search engines
  • building website templates
  • work with the WWW form
  • website testing and validation
  • configuration of the web server, sending and updating the website to the web server
  • JavaScript on the website and cooperation with add-ons
  • creating an interactive Lightbox gallery
  • creating Ajax elements (Accordion, Collapsible Panel)
  • embedding a Google map on the website
  • use of videos and music on the website

In recent years, the skills required of software engineers are changing and diversifying day by day in the rapidly changing technological environment.

In particular, in order to realize digital transformation, it is indispensable to combine the latest digital technologies such as the ever-evolving OSS and development methods in addition to the conventional software technology, and to utilize them appropriately and effectively it becomes. To that end, 6 months industrial training in Chandigarh will support the acquisition of skills by engineers who support digital innovation in the field by providing software training courses in a timely manner. 

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