Talking To Kids About The Coronavirus

Many parents are wondering what to say to their children about the coronavirus pandemic, or if they should even say anything at all. The truth is, kids worry more when they’re kept in the dark and they are smart enough to know that something is going on in the world today. Even today’s younger children are more informed than ever and they will be exposed to news and information about the coronavirus online and on television, so it might be time to talk to them about it. But what do you say? How do you go about explaining to them that there is a virus spreading and that, with the proper precautions, they will be safe and healthy?

If you are wondering how to explain the coronavirus pandemic to your child, keep reading as we share some tips to help you do just that. And, with that being said, let’s get started:

How To Talk To Your Kids About The Coronavirus

Don’t Be Afraid To Discuss The Coronavirus- the first step in talking to your children about the coronavirus is to not be afraid to talk about it. The media is hyping up the problem which has left many questions unanswered. Answer those questions when talking to your children and explain what the coronavirus is and how they can stay safe.

Be Developmentally Appropriate- obviously, if your children are younger, you want to tone down your coronavirus talk with them. Still, ensure that they understand the importance of the situation.

Take Your Cues From Your Child- when talking to your children about the coronavirus, be sure to listen to their questions and note how they are reacting to what you are saying. This will help to ensure that you know they understand what you are saying. Avoid encouraging frightening fantasies.

Deal With Your Own Anxiety- take some time to calm down before trying to have a conversation or answer your child’s questions about the coronavirus.

Be Reassuring- children often respond to your emotions and that means that you should remain positive when discussing the coronavirus with them and reassure them that they will be fine.

Keep Talking- keep your children updated and be prepared to answer any questions that they might have.

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