Parents – This Process Teaches Your Children to Respect Themselves!

The Important Thing to Self-Respect

There’s a vital to self-respect also it is not magic. The bottom line is choice. The options we make will open or close the doorway to the self-respect. Here’s what i’m saying.

1. Ray ate the final cookie and lied to help keep from trouble.

2. Thelma steals her friend’s toy to feel good.

3.Angie gossips to appear important.

The options these kids made closed the doorway for their self-respect. They require parents who’ll educate them how you can open the doorway.

Exactly what do you need to do?

How “STOP” Can Help You Educate Your Children Self-Respect

S means STOP! Take a look at that which you stated or did.

T means Think. Ask, ‘What must i did?’

O means Options. What were and therefore are my options (choices)?

P means Pick. Pick among the choices.

Let us Take a look at Ray, Thelma, and Angie’s Options:

1. Ray might have left the final cookie alone, ate the final cookie, or requested his mother if he might have the final cookie. Now his choices are to confess or otherwise admit he ate the final cookie.

2. Thelma might have left the toy alone, taken the toy, or requested if she could have fun with the toy. Now Thelma’s choices are to, keep your toy and say nothing, lie about using the toy, or send it back.

3. Angie might have stored quiet, stated something nice, or gossiped. Now her choices are to deny she gossiped or apologize.

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