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Mobile Education: The Hurdles

The mobile revolution which has ushered within this decade is simply a brief history being produced. The truth that it’s touched all aspects of existence causes it to be globally acceptable. Education isn’t left out and many companies are attempting to use mobile platform to supply a number of education services. However, contrary to put into practice, the success is way-flung with no path breaking way has been discovered that will make mobile a real education device. This short article tries to pay attention to the constraints which are hindering the prosperity of mobile education.

Display Size

The biggest cell phone when it comes to display size is Dell Streak which has 5 ” display. However, still a typical cell phone screen is a maximum of 2.8 inches. Students are utilized to studying from pages which are bigger in dimensions. Hence, studying on 2.8 inches screen isn’t comfortable. The screen of cell phone is principally enhanced for small text.

Processing power limitations

Barring a couple of cell phones, the majority of the cell phones have slow processors. These processors are not capable of running animations or digital content effectively. Personal computers and laptops don’t face such difficulty and for that reason have grown to be a frequent medium for online learning.

Fragmented nature of Mobile OS platforms

Application developers think it is very hard to develop applications that may be operate on all mobile os’s. Make a class with 30 students and a few getting Nokia phones, others with Blackberries, and a few using Androids. This can be a real life issue that the majority of the education providers are grappling with.


Education is definitely regarded as something that is there for that masses. Hence, oftentimes, education is reasonable for a lot of students over the different economic strata. There’s without doubt that devices for example iPhone can be used as mobile education. Regrettably, very few are able to afford to purchase an apple iphone.

Insufficient government support

Current day governments haven’t yet understood that education in twenty-first century is not restricted within the structures of colleges, colleges, and universities. New modes of imparting education came up and mobile is one. Unless of course the governments all over the world realize this and allocate sources, the mobile education won’t succeed.

Despite the fact that information mill speaking about phones as little as $30, these units should never be enhanced for education. The resolution to the barriers, pointed out above, are difficult to find. The much touted projects for example OLPC (One laptop per child) haven’t been in a position to bring a paradigm transfer of the filed of your practice.

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