Here’s what makes IMI Bhubanehwar’s pedagogy superior to other business schools!

For an MBA or PGDM aspirant, getting into one of the top PGDM institutes in India holds the most importance. The plethora of things that a student can get to learn at a PGDM institute in India cannot be possibly put into words. Two years spent at a business school will most likely improve the managerial skills of a student than any other educational programme ever can. However, IMI Bhubaneswar is amongst the very few top PGDM institutes in India that focus on shaping the holistic personality of the students.

Some of the crucial things that IMI B teaches its students are listed below. Most of these points contribute to improving the personality and skills of the students so that they are at par with the industry standards, invariably, close to what the corporate world demands.

Teamwork is essential

For a PGDM institute in India like IMI B that ranks at the top, the priority for the teaching staff remains to make sure that students are working together unitedly and cooperatively, and are on the same page. In order to bring this practice into reality, IMI Bhubaneswar assigns a lot of group projects, assignments, presentations, and case studies. The alumni testify that the skill of teamwork adopted during the programme comes to use when working professionally because the business world is all about working with others.

Imparting practical education

Other than the standard curriculum that encompasses theoretical learnings, IMI B considers it their responsibility to be different, realistic, and practical; particularly because the world is being ruled by the digital age. As the leading PGDM institute in India, IMI Bhubaneswar believes in promoting entrepreneurship, which is done by means of different sources like hosting workshops, expert lectures, conferences, and exposure through its incubation foundation. In the pool of diverse talent, the students of IMI get the opportunity to learn how to make a mark with their qualifications, viewpoint, and experience.

Communication is fundamental

The ability to use the right words and possess the right personality to bag the finest jobs in the market, this renowned institute for PGDM in India rightfully lays emphasis on helping students develop good communication. IMI, right from day one, or rather, during the selection process itself, begins to instill the training for communication in each of its existing and potential students because it understands the crux of good business. This is mostly executed through certification courses and summer internships, which in a way, give a glimpse of the functioning of the corporate world.

Networking is paramount

A major part of teaching at IMI B focuses on guiding, as well as helping students make the right connections with the industry pioneers. IMI B students are exposed to interact with industry leaders and A-listers on multiple occasions such as guest lectures, international conferences, or pre-placement workshops held by recruiters.

These things that IMI B teaches are extremely important and students most likely find it relevant at every step they take in the business world!

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