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What Is The Structure Of The MBBS Course

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, popularly known as it’s abbreviation MBBS is one of the most celebrated and reputable degrees on all times. When it comes to higher studies we all know that an MBBS Course in India is one of the most challenging course one can opt for! The solemnity and stature that the degree posses can be judged by the fact that it is a mash-up of two vital aspects of the medical field, comprised of one degree as a whole. It is an undergraduate degree demanding the student to study both the surgery as well as medicine. MBBS imparts an academic cognizance of some concepts of science and medicine like human cytology, human anatomy, pharmaceutical, medicine, and the upshots and mechanisms of doing a surgery, taught with both practical and theoretical experiences. Let’s know more about it.

The MBBS course has duration of 5.5 years and a year of rotational Internships, meaning the academic part is of 4.5 years which has been divided into 9 semesters. The MCI (Medical Council of India) is the ascribed body for the medical courses in India; it composes and administers the structure of MBBS Course in India.

The basic benchmark to get an Admission in MBBS Course in India the candidate must have done his/her 10+2 examinations, scoring 50% marks at a minimum in Biology, Chemistry and Physics by a board like C.B.S.E. or any other acknowledged board. The candidate is necessitated to be at least 17 years old of age on/prior to 31st December of the admission year. However, the maximum age for admission is 25 years. Certain entrance exams are also obliged on the candidate if they wish to apply for a particular college or institute. 

Course Fee (In India)
The fee of the MBBS Courses in India mainly is conditional on institutions. Different institutions charge a different fee. For instance, in AIIMS, which are funded by the govt. have a reasonable fee of  Rs. 10,000 per year/per annum but for a private institute, it might cost the student roughly Rs. 50,000- 2 L. per annum.

There is a vast variety of subjects that an MBBS Course in India covers from General Medicine, Biochemistry, Psychiatry, Introduction to Humanities and community medicine, to Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Human Anatomy, Anesthesiology and more. The diversity of subjects that are covered is so that the candidate can have a taste of everything that a medical career has to offer and that they find their niche and pursue a masters/specialization course if needed.

Employment Areas
A candidate who has completed their MBBS Course in India or anywhere from the world has the potential to be employed in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Colleges, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology Companies, Research Institutes, NGOs or they can even practice their Self-owned clinics.

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