Here’s why you shouldn’t dodge doubts solving

It does not matter how smart you are, everyone has doubts. It is not possible for us to know everything all at once, as students you could have exam doubts or queries related to various concepts, it could be anything.

There are various ways for you as students to clear your doubts like having doubt sessions, online sessions, going through a doubt app or just revisiting the concepts by yourself.

As a student, you should not hesitate to ask questions and get your doubts cleared because this will only create confusion later. There are a lot of tools available for you to clear your doubts like youtube videos, doubt apps, and E-learning platforms. Today there are apps that are inclined to personalised subject learnings. For instance, a “Chemistry doubts app” today can also have a curated solution to math and biology.

Your doubts help to clear your concepts and lay a strong foundation.  If you are not comfortable asking questions to your professors, you could always turn to your friends for help or the internet where everything is available these days.

It is well said that if you are a student with doubts you are perfectly normal, in fact, it is proof that you are able to comprehend the concepts better. Having doubts stimulates your brain and gives you a better opportunity to understand the concept deeper and in detail.

There are a lot of professors and teachers who encourage students to ask more questions. This not only helps the students to perform better but also helps the teachers to understand which topics need to be revised the most in the upcoming classes and which topics need to be explained and taught in a simpler manner.

If you have a doubt to restrain yourself from asking questions, it will only waste your time because you are not understanding and clearing your concepts and later it will lead to more doubts.

There can be instances where a problem can be solved in multiple ways, so asking doubts can help you understand the problem better and also show you different ways to solve the same problem.

It is well known that if you ask questions and get your doubts cleared you are bound to come across something new and learn it. So if you solve every possible doubt that you have you are more likely to come across something important and learn it.

Having doubts is always beneficial to you both in the short term and in the long term because it will help you to clear your concepts and make you smarter with time. Not only that, if one student asks doubt, but all the other students are also bound to learn from it.

Appropriate doubts show that you are a proactive learner and that is a good sign.

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