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Access to Quality Tutors for Kids in Australia 

LearnMate Tutoring Agency is one of the best outlets you can ever patronize when searching for reliable tutors for your kids. The tutors at this outlet have the expertise and experience you can ever hope for in a tutor and they are ever ready to improve the academic standard of your kids with their expertise. It does not matter how unsatisfactory the academic performance of your ward is, you can always trust the professional tutors at LearnMate to help turn things around positively and transform your ward academically. With the help of the experts here, there is no way your kid will not get better in his school works.  The services offered here are flexible and designed to meet the varying needs of students.  Your wards can access either in-person or online tutoring at LearnMate. 

Several features make this agency one of the best you can trust when searching for a tutor for your wards.  Continue reading to learn about some of the outstanding features below.

Nationwide services 

The tutoring services offered by LearnMate can be accessed from different parts of Australia.  Do you reside in Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Ballarat, Bendigo, Perth or Brisbane? You will surely get value for money if you patronize the experts at this outlet.  Even those residing in Sydney or Geelong will never be disappointed at all.  You can get either in-person or online tutoring services from any of the cities above. LearnMate has a large database of reliable tutors. In fact, the outlet boasts of over 100 tutors capable of handling different subjects. The tutors can cover both primary and secondary school subjects. They are also well versed in the curriculums from different states. So, your kid will never be at a disadvantage irrespective of his state of residence. 

Who can be a tutor at LearnMate?

Before you can qualify to be a tutor at LearnMate Tutoring Agency, you are expected to have Working With Children Check. The card is issued out to tutors by the Australian government.  All the tutors at LearnMate are equally expected to undergo the strict screening and interview processes organized by LearnMate.  They are also expected to undergo a special training. The training is offered online and the tutors will be provided with quizzes and training videos to help them become more productive. This way, each of the tutors can successfully handle the needs of the students. 

Some of the qualities that distinguish LearnMate Tutoring Agency from others are highlighted below:

  • The outlet has assisted over 10,000 students since inception to date in different parts of Australia
  • The tutors have also dedicated over 100,000 hours to teaching kids in both primary and secondary schools
  • Your wards can get professional assistance from tutors when preparing for examinations, like WAEC, VCE, TASC, BSSS, HSC and soon.   

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